Top Sales Company Awards

Sales awards are the most common award given to Tractor, because it recognizes the company's outstanding performance. which helps drive the top-line revenue and growth. Monthly, quarterly, and annual awards recognizing their performance is something every sales person looks forward.
Paradox Acrylic Award 2006
The Paradox Acrylic Award features clear and black 1" thick acrylic pieces with a cut-out and acrylic bars to give it a unique look. The award is for honoring the contribution to public initiatives for the community in 2006.
Texas Blue Crown Award 2007
The Texas Blue Crown Award features a carved optic artistic peak with blue crystal spotlight edges. This award is given to company with the highest sales values in 2007 across Texas state.
Top 100 Global 2009
Ranked 45 out of the top 100 influential companies across the globe, Tractor has firmly secured its place in the field and become the exemplary model for others to keep up the good work.
Sales Excellence Award 2017
This is given to Tractor for honoring its exemplary results and outstanding performance in sales during the four quarters of the year 2017. It is our third time receiving this award. The first time was in March 2010 and the second one was in September 2015.
Unparalleled Performance 2018
This is an award to honor the excellent performance of the recipient in the chemical, industrial and architectural fields based on its gross avenues and net earning compared to others in the same field in 2018.